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The Feathered Seer – On the road

And so it begins.

Today, after a final flurry of activity, I will head north after work with the car loaded with everything but the kitchen sink, for The Feathered Seer. Hopefully the car will behave and I’ll get there… though at least there is not as much weirdness in the boot this year as last, what with all the masks, horns, swords and strange instruments. I’d had to wonder how I would explain it all in the event I had needed to… Medieval re-enactment? I doubt if that would have worked. This year, the props are simpler, but even so, the contents of my car would raise the odd eyebrow of anyone peering in the boot.

I know the way to my destination… but even so, the journey itself will be an adventure into the unknown. It always is. Weather, roadworks, diversions…anything can happen and must be met and dealt with before I can proceed.

It is oddly appropriate that the mechanical voyage must be conquered before the spiritual journey can begin. That is one of the reasons why these weekend workshops can be so effective, allowing us to introduce an element of randomness into our lives and waking us up from the mechanical needs of everyday living.

The journey north, back to the place of my own beginnings, is a good analogy for the journey of the seeker returning to the Source. The body too is a vehicle with a mind of its own, but which must be guided by a higher intelligence if it is to reach its goal.

The road can be seen as a place of hazard and fear…or as an adventure, where new vistas open with every mile and new roads invite, leading to other choices, other adventures… all of which will pass or change the journey continues. We may not be able to choose what we met, but we can choose how we meet it.

We can even choose our destination… except, when you think about it, no matter where we think are heading, we always start from ‘here’ and ‘now’… and no matter how many times we get lost or distracted or how many side-trips we might make on the way we always end up ‘there and then’… wherever and whenever ‘there’ may be,. Which makes the whole of our lives an adventure.

Today, as I head north, I wonder what adventures await…

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