It has long been accepted… That christian clerics… Were largely responsible… For committing the oral Celtic stories to paper… And thus preserving them… Such a preservation… Seems to have been dependent upon… What today we might call… A christian spin being… Put on and… Written into the ancient Irish tales… The monastic ‘scriptoria’ where this process was carried out were, indeed, the state propaganda factories of their day and in many cases this spin… Was quite clumsily achieved… To this day it remains fairly obvious to even an untrained eye… The Voyage of Bran is a case in point.


The ‘banshee’ or ‘fairy-woman’… Who appears at the beginning of the tale… Is stated in the text to have sung fifty quatrains to Bran and his host… Yet she only sings twenty-eight… When Manannan mac Lir appears… He is said to have sung thirty quatrains to Bran and his company… Yet he only sings twenty-eight… Bran sings one lay at the end of the tale… Which makes a grand total of fifty-seven quatrains… Quatrains twenty-four to twenty-six… Of the banshee’s lay… Relate to a ‘prophecy’ of Christ… Quatrains thirteen to seventeen… of Manannan’s lay… Also relate to such a ‘prophecy’.


If we subtract the seven quatrains relating to… ‘The Prophecy of Christ’s Coming’… We are left with fifty quatrains… Which we can be assured represent… Musically speaking… The original content of the tale… The banshee sings twenty-five quatrains… Mannanan mac Lir sings twenty-four quatrains.. And Bran mac Febal sings one quatrain… Quite apart from this little tell… There do seem to be other number puzzles… Within the text… For example twenty-seven seems to be quite heavily indicated… The connection of the number twenty-seven… With music… and premature death is today still prevalent?



St George ‘cradling’ or ‘choking’ a baby dragon?

(Nuremberg Chronicle 493)


‘Our un-elected leaders murder millions of us

in real-time then appear on televisual

entertainment programmes to appeal for our forgiveness.


The health service routinely puts to death

healthy individuals with many years of productive life

before them while keeping alive, in excruciating agony,

for weeks, months, sometimes years, those with no chance

of long-term survival.


After years of openly consorting with, supporting,

and ardently defending, ‘lovers of youth’

our king has issued a charter

which values the planet

more than the individual human lives

which that planet produces.


How did it come to this?’

The Fugitive, Planet Spendyke, 1022




1022, a fugitive from planet Spendyke holes up in the bowels of the Rubicon library. There he discovers ancient accounts of the reasons for his planet’s current plight. Further research uncovers practical solutions to the dire world situation in the prevailing views of State Philosopher Hux. As the global government crumbles around him the fugitive embarks upon a journey into his own past in order to pull Spendyke back from the brink. But will he be successful?

Front and Back Cover artwork by Sue Vincent

Available now in Amazon Paperback

6 thoughts on “Technicalities…”

  1. Well, ya know, this is true of many of the stories in the Bible as well. Scratch under the surface & there’s many a pagan tale of goddesses & gods there. Centuries of editing & official propaganda does its job quite well.

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  2. Couldn’t help but think that “our king has issued a charter which values the planet more than the individual human lives which that planet produces” is a perfect description of our president.

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