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Life in the fast lane…



“The Initiate: an everyday tale of Barge-Folk…

Course it’s not like this back on the ‘Naall’…

On the ‘Naall’ things move at a nice, steady pace…

One might even say stately…

And when I say ‘things’… I mean… life… Back on the ‘Naall’… life is a slow drift… a slow drift through the foliage and fauna of this sacred space now…and forever known… as Albion…

And that is really all there is.

We move from one sacred space to another… and back again.

What else could there be?

If you can imagine… and I know it’s difficult for Busy-Folk… The optimum speed for a human body to move under its own volition is three miles an hour…and if it were possible which it is not of course… but if it were possible to shift… out of the body… in some way… and move… whilst still attached to it… then the optimum speed the bodiless body would find itself travelling under its own volition… is six miles an hour… that’s the speed that a barge travels along the ‘Naall’… neat huh?




Now, Wen, she knows this but being a speed freak the concept of six miles an hour as a travelling speed is alien to her…utterly…completely…incontrovertibly…alien. Life in the fast-lane she calls it… I mean she even changed the title of my book when I presented her with the honour of being the very first of the Busy-Folk to read it… ‘This will never do’ she said, or some such…

‘What, you don’t like it?’

‘It’s not that I don’t like it…It’s just…’

‘You don’t like it do you?’

‘I do like it. I like it a lot… but what you have to realise Don, is that us Busy-Folk… we like things spruced up a bit.’

‘Spruce away,’ I said, all desperate for publication, like… and well, that was a mistake… I mean… I ask you… ‘Sacred Chromatography’! What’s all that about? Anyway, she dispensed with that for the second edition, and she liked the bird bits and said those could stay, so I suppose I’m reasonably happy with the results… Give it ‘the whirl’, I think that’s one of Wen’s expressions… give it the whirl and let me know what you think… especially the bird bits… if you can find me…

– ‘Slow-Drift’ Manchester to Liverpool Ship Canal…




Imagine wandering through an ancient landscape wrought in earth and stone, exploring the sacred sites of peoples long ago and far away in time and history. The mounds and barrows whisper legends of heroes and magic, and painted walls sing of saints and miracles.

Triad of Albion is the story of just such a journey beyond the realms of our accustomed normality. It is a factual tale told in a fictional manner. In just such a way did the Bards of old hide in the legends and deeds of heroes the deeper truths for those who had eyes to see and ears to hear them.

As the veils thin and waver, time shifts and the present is peopled with the shadowy figures of the past, weaving their tales through a quest for understanding and opening wide the doors of perception for those who seek to see beyond the surface of reality.

Available now in Amazon Paperback

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