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That King Thing…


To commence with an aside,

Ex-Rex Edward

tried for the rest of his life,

post abdication,

to aquire the Royal Title

for his paramour Wallis Simpson,

without success…


Does it make me wonder?


Well, not really.

It all depends who regulates such things?


To which the answer is always

the present incumbent

rather than the previous one.


This almighty tussle of first and second borns

takes us right back to the bible

and Cain versus Abel…


Irish Roi, Latin Rex and Indian Raj are cognate,

which, somewhat incredibly, means, ‘related by blood’!

but that sounds to me more like sanguine verbosity.


Similarly related are Arabic Shah and Russian Tsar…

So, hands up for Chinese Emperor?

No, clearly not.




I know what it is supposed to stand for,

‘Joshua Nazarene King Jew’

but something tells me

we have been led, oh so, sorely astray!