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The Belcherman

Sir Toby Belcher


With the vanguard of the Globotomists now fighting fervently on all fronts of the known world,

the homeland has been entrusted to the safe-hands of former men of substance and stature, a little

time-worn now, perhaps, but without doubt, staunch and doughty keepers of the faith of new science.


“Consternation… Consternation… Consternation,” beamed Sir Toby, “the nation is concerned.”

“Never a truer word,” sighed Teigue-the-Sage, “but don’t you think these three-fold repetitions are becoming a tad tiresome?”

“I know,” agreed Sir Toby, “but it’s the only way I can still garner any attention.”

“And attention is required, precisely why,” said Teigue?

“Because without attention one simply ceases to exist,” gasped Sir Toby!

“Then, perhaps, that kind of attention is not worth possessing,” mused Teigue.

“Possession! Possession! Who said anything about possession?”…

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