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Bull-Coyote: Other…


…Buffalo-Bull threw Coyote high into the air with his horns.

When he came back down to earth Coyote was a Buffalo-Bull.

Bull-Coyote wandered off into another field eating grass to his heart’s content and satisfying his hunger.

Just then, Other-Coyote passed by.

“I’m hungry,” he said to Bull-Coyote, “can you make me like you?”

Bull-Coyote walked off sullenly to graze in another part of his field.

But Other-Coyote persisted, “I want to be fat like you,” he shouted to Bull-Coyote.

Bull-Coyote wandered back over to Other-Coyote, “you would be incapable of doing the things I asked of you,” he said, somewhat superciliously.

“Try me,” said Other-Coyote.

“Oh, very well,” said Bull-Coyote, “if you lie there I will charge at you and you must not, under any circumstances, move.”

“All right,” said Other-Coyote, “that sounds easy enough,” and he lay down in the grass.

Bull-Coyote retreated to the corner of his field and worked himself into a frenzy. He tore up turf, threw dirt sky-ward, bellowed and snorted and then he charged at Other-Coyote.

Other-Coyote stayed put and was thrown high into the air by the horns of Bull-Coyote.

When Other-Coyote came back down to earth he was still himself but Bull-Coyote had changed back into his old form.

The two Coyote’s chased each other out of the field and off into the wider beyond until one of them got fed up with the game and wandered off on his own.

The other Coyote, having already forgotten about wanting to be Buffalo-Bull, continued on his way.