Albion, Philosophy, symbolism

Shivering River…


The traditional number of runes stands at twenty-four.

A colt has twenty-four milk teeth.

Sleipnir is a colt.


The runes are usually depicted in tablet form

as three rows of eight runes apiece.


The facts here tend to support the poetic thesis.


There is, though, an important distinction to be made.

‘Heaven’ is not here viewed as a navigable place,

which is how we might have been led to regard it but, rather, as a space,

that is, a ‘head-space’ or a state of consciousness.


The runes give access to this consciousness

through the process known as ‘divination’.


So, keys, yes but not on a ring or chain,

and ‘heaven’ is not somewhere we are destined

to arrive at or not but, rather,

a state mind, or realm, which can be accessed by all.