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Dear Wen: Erratics…

Dear Wen…heather 2015 derbyshire, higger tor, beeley circle, edensor, bak 046

Yes, an eminently enjoyable weekend, it was good to rediscover an old friend. The sleepy energy of Beeley Warren Circle is a balm to the soul as the numerous Bees we encountered should attest. The silly thing is that there was more bracken and higher this time and we still managed to find it. I shall put that down to both faith and better research, the book actually mentions the circle being between two rafts of bracken which to mind is curious. The book is over thirty years old. One would have expected the bracken to have made inroads during that time. Either the circle is exerting some kind of effect on the surrounding vegetation which we have long suspected, or the moor is a lot older than initially supposed. Both eventualities are possible.

The Lost Stone though was a disappointment. I am not sure which of the two possible explanations for its non show is the least palatable…Both are hideously inconvenient. It is as you so pertinently point out either wandering about the place at will, looking for god only knows what or it is some kind of ‘insert’ of the mind or time… At least the wandering stone has some basis in the folk record but… well… really I had always regarded such claims as part of the charm of the stories and had never actually considered there being an element of truth in them.

The deer was some consolation for the inevitable disappointment of the stone. Again, I had no idea that they ‘barked’ in that way. A quite thrilling encounter although did you notice how the beast too apparently disappeared at the edge of the bracken. There was no sign of it when we emerged and we could only have been at most a couple of minutes behind it.

heather 2015 derbyshire, higger tor, beeley circle, edensor, bak 068Perhaps all this high weirdness has something to do with the corpse road that runs through the grounds… I am beginning to think that anything is possible.

Looks like we have also lost our ice cream lady… The high mirth to which you allude was inculcated by your sterling efforts of imitation in a head scarf… And I still have a picture…

Ah, the ‘Slumberous One’ has finally awoken to action has he?

It can only mean some diabolical plot involving both cheese and corn is in the offing…

Keep your ears pricked and your eyes peeled…ani hardy feather 014

Sounds painful!

Don x