Albion, Art, Books, Don and Wen, Stuart France

All Hail Eve…

Geometries 004

Anu’s Folk
studied in
the North-Isles.

Four seats there
and four sages
who taught them;

A plentiful sowing…
A dutiful flowing…
A beautiful glowing…
An artful knowing…


Wen catches a brief sight of the poem I have been showing Ben

before he has time to hastily secrete it about his person.


“You are obsessed with that dog!”


Which, as anyone who has read any of our books well knows, is utter nonsense…

The Aetheling Thing

9 thoughts on “All Hail Eve…”

  1. Chuckles, In our abode, we are definitely obsesses with pets. Have six chihuahuas, but we figure that six is equal to one normal size pet, so that makes it ok. Although . . . one of ours is a bit of a chub, and furthermore, when we took him to the vet to get neutered and get his shots, he turned into part perhaps Husky, for he talks to us constantly and has many words to be spoken about everything. And then there is “Little Man” who is probably around 14 years old, deaf, going blind and has about three teeth left – one of our rescues that people dump in our mobile home park, seeming to know that a good senior will surely adopt it, and we have yet to let them down. A cat that was inherited when someone passed on and the local cat rescuer came to our door and showed us the pitiful thing, which had been declawed on the front paws. Well now, how could any human being with half a heart be so unkind to throw a poor declawed cat out with no weapons for protection? But something didn’t seem right – we were missing something, so along came a couple of goldfish, who live in a long tank next to my desk with two alien catfish, Longbow and E.T., who can and does often swim upside down. They are apparently trained (not by us) to splash me with much vengeance if I fail to feed them when they decide they need more food. So yes, I can understand Anu and all of her antics and her personality. We don’t own them; that is a huge misconception that must be forgotten. They own us and make no mistake about that!

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  2. Oh, I forgot, When an ginger-colored praying mantis came along and made its home happily on my gate on our porch, I tried very hard to coax it to become another of our pets, even giving it fresh water in a little lid every day so that maybe it would see how well I would take care of it. But it had a symbolic purpose for me and once it made that very clear, it disappeared one day. No matter how hard I looked, I could never locate it again, so I decided it was there for a more important purpose than to make itself at home for a time. It’s funny how our pets have a definite story to tell if we but listen . . .

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