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A sack of Jack…


“To approach each and every situation

with an agenda, hidden or otherwise,

is to be as far removed from

‘the now’, as it is possible to get.”


“What do little boys want from their toys?”

“World Dominion.”

“And if they do not get it?”

“They break their toys.”


“Your notions of reality,

destroy the real.”


Count Black

2 thoughts on “A sack of Jack…”

  1. I love this! It gives a new perspective to some ideas I had about things I was thinking with regard to reality. It is easy to approach it with everything I already have learned or that I “know” about it because this is how we approach most things. At times this sort of thinking is how we by necessity approach life. For example, if we are driving on a curving mountainous road with no guard rails, our “knowledge” of reality tells us that we need to not ignore the curvature of the road; if we do, we are going to likely go off the edge. So I understand these sorts of what I would consider to be “reality with consequences of ignoring it,” and going with what we know of it because it is essential for us if we want to continue to continue to live.

    But let’s think if there is a form of reality we might approach differently. I know when it comes to life and afterlife, the universe and all that it contains, and any number of “realities” that I am unable to directly observe or perhaps even have a conclusion about exist because I am not powerful enough to transport myself out in the universe so that I can see that reality. That does not mean that it doesn’t exist, however. And there are concepts, theories, and presumptions based on some aspect perhaps of what we think of as reality. Is it possible for us to think up something that is in no way somehow related to reality? Is there a non-reality?

    I have thought of our languages, and how when we talk to each other on common everyday things, we assume a lot about reality. For example, you and I can understand each other when we refer to a tree, and yet your reality of what that tree is like can be totally different from mine. And neither of us have to be wrong. So does this mean that there is perhaps more than one reality? There are certain things that may encompass such huge aspects of reality that none of us can conceive of it, so we may lump it all under one giant word – perhaps not literally, but in terms of the things it can incorporate because it would be nearly unimaginable to try to use the reality for the word because for example, look at the word air. We just accept air as air, and yet, if we are talking about reality, how many kinds of air are there? For sure there is hot air and regular air, and how many more are there? And are these not all the reality of the world “air?”

    So when we consider reality, I think we can say that there are many legitimate and perhaps yet unknown forms of so many aspects of it. It is good to remain open-minded about it. I know I have formed opinions of how a thing is or is not a part of reality, but I am trying now to realize that there are things that are beyond my present understanding but they may well be a different aspect of reality, or perhaps a different way for me to view them. Thank you for this refreshing mind tickler. It is very appreciated.

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