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Beyond the bounds: Cultures…


… Notwithstanding the benefits of pure service,

which are indeed immense.


The ‘designers’ may also have needed

to accomplish something else.


There is no doubt that the sites

utilise magical principles

to interact with the wider landscape.


Nor is there any doubt

that in many cases a process was involved

in the uses to which the sites were put.


When some of the ‘circles’ become mounds

the archaeologists cry, ‘new people!’

because a new style of pottery is also found…


But this may just be an integral part of the cultural barter.

Yet another benefit of symbiosis.



3 thoughts on “Beyond the bounds: Cultures…”

  1. This is lovely writing, Stuart, and it points out that we mere human beings cannot perhaps ever know the true purposes of the sites because no matter how hard we try, we are very different from those folks, and if they had wanted future generations of people to know these things, I m pretty sure they could have taken care of that too. The more I read these ventures, the more I believe that these things might have been so sacred that they chose not to share them other than whatever ruins might still exist. I have thought about that a lot because a lot of primitive people left clues in their cave and stone paintings, etc., but here it remains a mystery even though the actual moving of the great stones required some strong engineering and sophisticated methods to get all the stones in place and not just putting them in place, but certain ones are put in certain places. There is definitely a story in each and every stone circle.

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