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The Small Dog on Writing…

It seems I’m in the doghouse once again before I knew it,
And this time it is so unfair because… I didn’t do it!
It’s not my fault if people like my poems more than her stuff…
And leave me all those nice reviews to gloat on… well, that’s just tough!

Perhaps if she would do the puppy eyes more, she might make it…
Or take a leaf from other writers who have learned to ‘fake it’…
‘Cause confidence invites belief and I think she should try it
And advertise her work as if she thinks someone might buy it!

The trouble is, she likes to make them think and that’s no bad thing,
While I am cute and furry and I like to leave them laughing,
And though I may not sell enough to rival Rockefeller…
It’s true that of the two of us, it’s me who’s the bestseller.

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