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Dear Don: Edible…

12 Ravenstone and lunch (25)Dear Don,

You can’t help seeing the artistry in these sites, can you? Or at least not once you realise that the landscape itself is incorporated into an image so vast it mirrors the scope of the human heart.

Anu and friend would certainly relate to your edible illustration. So far they have related to anything remotely edible between them… Your analogy must be extended, however, to include time and culture as well as location for the cultivation of said ingredients.

So we, coming to the works of ages long passed, must somehow find our way back into the heart, mind and aspirations of what has become, in many ways, an alien culture. Our own ancestors are as distant from us in time as the Antipodeans are in space… yet, as with them, we share a common ancestry and our roots reach deep into the earth that shapes us.

north 018I agree with you about the Christian story. Many of the events in the Book cannot be taken as historically accurate, but should rather be seen as a mythological transmission of the essence of those events. While some may be up in arms at that sort of statement, it has to be remembered that it makes the kernel of truth within the tales no less true… and no less beautiful… and perhaps easier to truly understand.

Facts speak to logic. The essence of any faith is founded in something that transcends logic. Dogma sets bounds upon thought and aspiration, story give them wings and opens the cage.

The layers of perception are quite personal, though. We see things in our own way and, because that comes naturally to us, fail to notice that others cannot see as we do. Every single one of us brings a unique perspective to everything we meet. Some will grasp at fact, because that is the way their mind is able to function best… others will immediately grasp the underlying analogy that speaks to them via the imagination. We see this in action so often and both visual art and the words of the poet are particularly susceptible to this kind of interpretation and understanding… or complete missing of the artist’s point.

north meeting 103Three coins in the fountain of Eden… knowledge, understanding and wisdom…

If you don’t care for ‘spare’ dog, we could go for Beast in Training… except that implies more success than I’m having in that department.

… and after ‘Fluff Bunny’, saying I sound like Ben is dangerous ground….ani hardy feather 014

Anyway, Anu will be the ‘spare’ shortly as I come north….

Which is handy…
Fluff Bunny, indeed!

Wen and the menagerie.