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King Vortigern’s Tower…

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“…Before Merlin was a soothsayer he was a miraculous child who solved the mystery of Vortigern’s Tower.”

“What mystery was that?”

“Every time the tower was raised by Vortigern’s men the hill upon which it was built shook and ‘swallowed’ the tower whole.”

“And the answer to that mystery?”

“The answer to the mystery is that the hill was hollow…

and in the hollow of the hill was a pool…

and in the pool two stones languished…

and in each of the stones was a dragon struggling to get out.

One dragon was White and the other dragon was Red.”

“And what was done to reveal this mystery?”

“The Hill was excavated…

The pool was drained…

The stones were pulverised…

and the dragons loosed.”

“But what happened then?”

“The dragons contended… and became One.”

 Thus was the braided tower raised upon a hill and remained standing forever…


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