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‘Tall and grey, small and red’…


The birds told me of your coming.

Hawk and Raven follow you.

Sight and memory, soaring on wings and thought.

I see you… tall and grey, small and red.

I see the purpose in your step and know where it leads.

I know what you seek…

I have been waiting since they laid me under stone… you come for my eyes.

There is a price…

Wen and I are again ensconced in the Silver-Bullet after a fulsome pub lunch and are now speeding along a country track into the heart of Derbyshire on our way to see a rather large and menacing looking silver-faced fox.

“I feel this fire thing may well be a catalyst.”

“A catalyst for what?”

“For whatever comes next.”

“Well, you know what they say…” Wen smiles, “One thing…”

“…leads to another!”

“But you know what I mean, Don… especially here.”

“I’m not sure I follow. Why ‘especially here’?”


…Bitter cold, the wind blasts the moor, hair whips colour into pale cheeks, rain hides the tears that still come.

It had been a long journey and little comfort awaited… just a fire in the small ravine by the waterfall, tanned hides stretched between the rowans for shelter, meat she cannot stomach.

A place that matches the desolation in her heart…

…Oh, Wencobank, as I have renamed it… for obvious reasons. I have been trying to forget about Wencobank.

“I was trying to forget about Wencobank.”

“I know you were, that’s why tonight may well be a catalyst.”

Wen is buzzing and has been ever since the arrival of our books. Why she has to have everything yesterday is beyond me. Any normal person would be more than satisfied with a couple of books a year. Not Wen. She appears to be working along the lines of two books a week for the rest of time…

Still, it was good to finally get hold of them, especially after missing my postman and having to accost practically every other postman in the area over the course of a less than leisurely morning…

She is right about that though. It is not every day you publish a book, just every other day…

Excerpt from Giants Dance

The Triad of Albion is now Live on Amazon.


Don and Wen, two founding members of a new Esoteric School, meet to explore an ancient sacred site, as a prelude to the School’s opening event.
The new School is based upon a psychological, nine-fold, system and operates under the aegis of the Hawk of Horus.
The trip does not unfold as planned.
Instead, Don and Wen, apparently guided by a plethora of birds, embark upon a journey that will lead them through a maze of spiritual symbolism, to magical mysteries and the elusive figure of the ‘Ninth Knight’.
The Initiate is the story of a journey beyond the realms of our accustomed normality.
It is a true story told in a fictional manner.
In just such a way did the Bards of old hide in the legends and deeds of folk heroes, the deeper truths of existence for those ‘with eyes to see and ears to hear’.

“From heart to head a lay, from head to heart the way…”

Now imagine that the lens of the camera captures a magical light in soft blues and misty greens and gold. A light that seems to have no cause in physical reality. What would you do? If you were open to the possibility of deeper realities, perhaps you would wish to explore this strange phenomenon…something two people came to know as sacred chromatography.

As the veils thin and waver, time shifts, and the present is peopled with the shadowy figures of the past, weaving their tales through a quest for understanding and opening wide the doors of perception for those who seek to see beyond the surface of reality.

Available via Amazon UK,, and worldwide

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