Fiction, Trickster

Primacy of Things: Eye-Spy…


…The door swings open.

I am greeted by a full-on smile.

An air stewardess smile.

My greet is even dressed as an air stewardess,

without the hat, although her hair-style would accommodate such a hat.

As she ushers me into an expansive wood-panelled hallway,

I am enveloped in her perfume.

My head starts to spin…

I think of my wife, Maddy, of home cooking and herbs.

My hostess raises a quizzical, well-shaped, eyebrow,

and shows me into a waiting room to the right of the entrance door.

I am relieved when she has gone,

but suspect that she will soon be back.

I sit down in the wood-panelled waiting room

on a red leather, brass-studded sofa.

The room’s tall windows are screened against traffic noise

from the busy street outside.

Directly opposite me, and the only other thing of note in the room,

is a free-standing work of modern art.

It is large and ‘mechanical’ and appears to have been constructed

from found objects.

I rise to stand and walk over to the installation, mentally cataloguing,

its component parts.

Its centrepiece is in part comprised of a clock face.

The central ‘axle’ of the clock hands doubles as a key-hole camera…







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