Fiction, Trickster

Primacy of Things…


The day is bright.

I am full of expectation for my morning assignment.

Expectation and curiosity.

My meet this morning has a reputation which precedes him.

I try to curb any prejudices which may have crept into my outlook…

Only by remaining focused on the deal will my objectives be successfully delivered.

It is not often that I find myself in this part of the city.

The posh part.

‘Millionaires Row!’

I scan the busy street looking for a number.

Make that billionaires row.

The millionaires here reside in what might otherwise be called tenement squats.

I locate my number and gasp.

A wave of nausea passes through my constitution…

Number Forty-Two is huge.

I mean, enormous!

I steady myself by outlining the fundamentals of my deal.

They are sound.

The grip on my suddenly tatty looking black leather attache case tightens.

I place one foot on the grey marble step and rap on the tall, black, wooden door,

using the extruded golden tongue of the golden Lion’s head affixed to it…



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