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Telling Stones…

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…Gazing into the depths of the reflection the moving torches seemed to open the gates of vision and she saw herself in an Other-Where…

Dressed in strange garb, looking across time with other eyes, watching herself made her feel dizzy and strange, as if seeing two landscapes, one in darkness, another shrouded in the mists of morning…

She tied the horsehair plait about her wrist, her mind swimming in the dreaming…

There were more than two worlds here…

There was a shape, a head echoed in the place where she stood…

Which shape was also high on the hilltop where it had been carved into the chalk – The water below was a gateway to another world…

And yet another world crested the hilltop, up behind the palisade.

There was a secret world too…

A world that few others knew…

A world where the ancestors lived…

It lay beyond the horizon…

Extract from ‘The Initiate’ by Stuart France and Sue Vincent



Book One of the Triad of Albion

Stuart France & Sue Vincent

The Initiate is the story of a journey beyond the realms of our accustomed normality.

It is a true story told in a fictional manner. In just such a way did the Bards of old hide in the legends and deeds of folk heroes, those deeper truths for those ‘with eyes to see and ears to hear’.

Don and Wen, two founding members of a new Esoteric School, meet to explore an ancient sacred site, as a prelude to the School’s opening event. The new School is to be based upon a nine-fold system and operate under the aegis of the Horus Hawk.

The trip does not unfold as planned.

Instead, Don and Wen, guided by the birds, find themselves embarking upon a journey that will lead them through a maze of spiritual symbolism, to magical mysteries and the shadowy figure of the Ninth Knight.

As the veils thin and waver, time shifts and the present is peopled with shadowy figures of the past, weaving their tales through a quest for understanding and opening wide the doors of perception…

Now available via Amazon worldwide.

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14 thoughts on “Telling Stones…”

  1. Sue when I clicked on the Initiate link I got a lovely dog say it was an error page , and it said meet the dogs of Amazon? Is that Ruby and Ani playing us up? 💜💜💜


    1. Thanks, Willow. I should have updated that link.
      When we published The Initiate originally, it was illustrated in colour and that made it rather expensive. We have just reedited the book, and released it with a new cover… we were going to re-launch it at the April workshop which we will now be holding next September.
      The correct UK link for the new (and much cheaper!) paperback is: and for the Kindle is:


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