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Roberta Eaton reviews Mister Fox and the Green Man

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What Amazon says

“Foxes, Welch!”
When Special Agent Tommy Welch is called into Tee’s office, he has little idea of the perils of his latest assignment. Accompanied by the sensuous Miss Hunnyfludd, Welch believes he is to investigate an outbreak of mysterious Foxes. Instead Tommy finds himself flung far back in time, to the court of King Arthur, where a Green Knight is about to extend a deadly challenge…

Within the humorous spoof that frames the story, the reader is transported to Camelot to witness the confrontation of Gawain and the Green Knight. Based upon the story that lies deep at the heart of Arthurian lore, the threefold nature of the ancient myth unfolds…

My review

This is a most unusual book which presents three concepts from English mythology in the form of a graphic novel. It was not what I originally expected but I did enjoy this unique idea. The book starts with a humorous spoof on the well know British spy, James Bond, and his secretary, fondly referred to in this book as Miss Hunnyfludd.

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6 thoughts on “Roberta Eaton reviews Mister Fox and the Green Man”

  1. I really loved this review. You and Wen have written so many good books, it is honestly difficult to choose the next one. I think I might take the Initiate. I still have The Crucible to read though, so I must read that one first. It is such a joy to be a part of all of this. I can’t tell you how much my heart and mind looks forward to each day to discover something new. Thank you both so much, and thank you Roberta for the wonderful review!


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