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Field of Sheaves: Rowan…


…When Wen insists…

I leave Wen to her circumambulations and try to focus on what little good is to be seen about the place… which amounts to Rowan Trees…a whole raft of them.

They never fail to lift my spirits but here even they are struggling and only serve to remind me that there is a rather sombre tale about a castle of rowan trees and under normal circumstances I would simply make a mental note to look it up when I get back home.

Yet considering there also used to be a castle of sorts up here it may quite possibly be the tale I really need right now but when I try to recall it proves as recalcitrant as my initial sojourn up here…

All I really get is that the Castle of Rowans was an illusion… a trap to lure the unsuspecting, into a slaughter…


…And slaughter might very well explain it looking at Wen’s features… which I do not really want to right now because of the very obvious pain…‘They burned it themselves,’ she says kicking the vitrified rock and then continues her circuit. That is not good. Wen has already told me that she considers ‘them’ her people.

‘Why did they do that then?’ I try to sound inquisitive but I am not really and I do not really want to know. Not because I am not interested but because I know it is going to be just too awful.

‘To protect their lore…’


My voice sounds like hollow-hills…echoing.

Extract from, The Heart of Albion.


Heart of Albion – Stuart France & Sue Vincent

10 thoughts on “Field of Sheaves: Rowan…”

  1. How might life have been different if the two of you had sat down amongst the trees and listened to the sounds of nature all around you? Is it possible that if you sit quietly in this place of mystery quietly and listened to the sound of the wind and the trees rustling in the wind with the questions in your minds, that you might feel the presence of those ancient ones who had once inhabited the place reach out to bring you into their circle? Could you not exist in the present, and at the same time, quietly slip in your meditations into the lives of those ancient ones and feel a sense of understanding? The present is but a continuation of all that has been, all that is, and all that ever will be. Thank you both kindly. This is the time to let that which is find you and bring you the answers you are seeking.

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      1. Glad to know that and glad that I have come so far to be able to write this. This never would have come from me in the past. I wouldn’t know this, and I don’t know how I know it now. I just do.

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  2. Every time I reread this, I get something different from it. If a people choose to annihilate their own people and home, whatever came or was coming was much worse than they could deal with. It has happened in other countries too for the ancient ones – down in South America, in Mexico, and many others. It could have been a plague, or perhaps they heard vicious enemies coming and rather than die at their hands, chose to die together in their own way or time. It is difficult to say as always when we look at the past that is so far beyond our written history, but there are perhaps correlating times and events throughout the world that have happened in prehistory. All of the countries and cultures in the world have stories about Creation, about the great flood, and even other events that seem to have occurred throughout the world. There is so much more than we may ever know in this lifetime, but it is definitely worth continuing to seek answers. I guess I have long wondered if we knew some of this history that has been lost how it might change life as we know it on this earth. Thank you for this intriguing writing. I have read this several times before but I continue to find it fascinating.

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