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Snowing Cats and Dogs…

“…but they said it would snow!”
Said the dog, all forlorn
As she sat on the doorstep
To welcome the dawn.

“If I’m really good,
Wish with all of my might,
Could you please work some magic
And turn it all white?”

“They said it would snow,”
Said the cat a bit later,
As I offered chicken
And played the dumb waiter.

“Not a cat in Hell’s chance,
You are mad,” said the cat,
“If you think I am going
To go out in that.”

“Just pass me a prawn,
Then I’ll sit in the sun
And I’ll dream about summer
Till winter is done.”

“Let me out,” said the dog,
“‘Cause its snowing, dear writer!”
As I tried hard to keep in
The heating despite her.

“Will you come out to play,”
Said the small dog, inviting,
“And roll in the snow with me,
Do some play-fighting?”

“Or I can make snowballs
By rolling my ball…
And everything’s squishy
Wherever you fall!”

“The snow on the nose
Sometimes gets a bit chilly,
But come and join in,
Let your hair down…be silly!”

I could not resist
Her excited demeanour,
Nor could any other dog-lover
Who’d seen her.

So she played in the snow,
And I played out and froze,
While she melted my heart
Catching snow on her nose.

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