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Field of Sheaves: Lugh…


‘Riders of the Sidhe to me from every place still free…’


That is how Lug, the Lord of Light, summoned the Otherworldly Hosts…

He met his father Cian and Cian’s two brothers and together they set off for the four quarters of Albion.

Cian went to the North, while his two brothers went East and West respectively and Lug, well naturally, Lug went to the South…


Riders of the Sidhe to me

from every place still free…


It is not difficult to see how this might have been a ritual summoning, however Cian didn’t reach his quarter because on the very next plain, he traversed, he was spied by Brian and his two brothers which was a bad thing because a deep, deep, enmity existed between the Sons of Turan and the Fathers of Lug…

Brian ran Cian through with a spear.

Then he buried the body a man’s height deep in the earth

And covered it with rocks…

The Cairn of Cian.


When Cian failed to show at the hosting, Lug went off in search of him and he found his father’s body and divined who had put him there.

The eric he demanded of the Sons of Turan in recompense for his father’s murder was to raise three shouts of victory on the Hill of Midken, knowing full well that Giants lived there; a father and his three sons.

Brian and his brothers, though, managed to overcome the four Giants and they also raised the three shouts demanded of them, thus honouring their eric. 

Then they died…


…And when they gain the Field of Warriors,

why, who do they find there waiting for them but Lug’s father,


He welcomes them, as the brothers they are,

and offers them a branch with three apples of wisdom growing on it.

They each take an apple and bite into it.


Peace up to heaven

Heaven down to earth.’


Extract from, The Heart of Albion.


Heart of Albion – Stuart France & Sue Vincent

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