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The Ninth Knight…

hawk hill nick 2661

“There’s definitely something wrong with the place if the Red Kites won’t go near it.”
“We are… without question…going to get locked up!”
“No we’re not… okay… what if… what if the energy is simply flowing the wrong way.”
“What do you mean by flowing the wrong way?”
“The energy flows in a particular way, right?”
“I suppose… so”
“How does the energy flow?”
“It flows from the earth…or from heaven and earth in conjunction… to the people… and through them… out into the wider landscape and then all the way back again in a circuit.”
“…a circuit of force. Good, so the Church Fathers come along and plonk a church down over the energy source. Now how does the energy flow?”
“It flows exactly the same way.”
“What… it flows in exactly the same way?”
“It flows in the same direction but not in precisely the same way because there is now an intermediary priesthood which administers the energy to the people.”
“So… heaven/earth…priesthood…people…landscape… and back again.”
“Makes sense…”
“So what if the energy at The Dark Virgin of the Grove, say is now flowing… heaven/earth… priesthood…people… and then back to the priesthood without being circulated through the landscape?”
“And how did they manage that?”
“When they extended the church they reversed the relative positions of the priesthood and people within the body of the building but didn’t re-align the energy flow accordingly. It doesn’t even have to have been deliberate. In fact it doesn’t even have to be that particular scenario the energy could simply be dissipating untapped.”
“It’s an interesting idea…and I can see how that could have happened but I still think we’re going to get locked up…and possibly even for just thinking in that way.”
“No we’re not… and what’s more, if that is what has happened, it is relatively easy to put right and with no clap-trap, just an invocation to re-align the energy and allow it to flow in the right way again.”
“…together we shall utter the words of truth, which heaven’s saints are wont to hear and they will come down amongst us.”
“Say what?”
“That’s what he said.”
“That’s what who said?”
“The Master…”
“Don, you’re not making any sense, who is the Master and when did he say that?”
“The Master… is the Ninth Knight…”

Extract from The Initiate

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