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Back then you could not because if you did, you might miss something.

Something important for the story.

And the story is the thing.

Always was and always will be.

But once it’s down, brought to earth, and planted, it changes.

It puts out feelers.

It grows and expands…

They tickle the consciousness these tendrils of possibility.

There is always more, and we are now famous,

if not infamous for missing things,

important things, and not just context.

Things for the story, once it has settled and acclimatised…

For one thing, the questions change, encompassing wider issues,

pointing ever further afield…

Where once the church sufficed, now it’s surroundings

take on greater significance.

There were always intimations, which became echoes and subplots, background.

But one of the really, really crucial things we missed was… water!



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