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Sir John Shorne was renowned for, ‘conjuring the Devil into a boot’.

Mediaeval Pilgrims to his shrine were met with a statue of the Holy Man depicting this event.


… I remember our first visit well.

It was late in the day and I was suffering from ‘Quest Fatigue’.

I found a comfortable spot in the pews and settled down while Wen did her stuff.

The church did have a nice feel and I remarked as much.

After finishing the photographic catalogue Wen was keen to go in search of the Holy Well.

I was not.

Inexplicable really.

Especially as, when we did finally get around to visiting the well, it was a mere matter of yards away,

albeit, tucked safely around a corner out of view.

This was some years later.

Quest Fatigue has a lot to answer for.

Or, were we just not ready to face that particular avenue of thought at that time?

It certainly made for a curious sight when we got there,

and initially, it reminded me of the Hell-Fire Cave wax-works.

Not propitious.

Modern, obviously, but linked to Folk-Lore.

Okay, now I’m beginning to get interested.

The fellow in the glass booth is a famous ‘son of the village’

an ecclesiast judging by his attire and what is more he appears to have been depicted

grappling with a devil, with the devil as it turns out…

So, now I’m all ears, and eyes, and anything else I can bring to bear.

At first, I thought he was about to poke out the devil’s eyes,

but he is actually making a sign of benediction invoking the First Person of the Trinity.

And if that does not pique your interest, then I am sorely afraid that nothing will…


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