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Dear Wen: Cygnus…

Dear Wen

Ah, yes, those pesky Romans (Acch phut) have a lot to answer for, covering our straight tracks, and calling them roads for one thing. And where, pray tell, did they get their name from? Why, from the Rods which were initially used to sight them… cheeky, to say the least. The straight track through the circle from Long Meg, as we know, leads to the mid-winter rising of Deneb which is the brightest star in the constellation of Cygnus, the Swan. This to my mind pretty much makes Meg a Swan Maiden, maybe even the Swan Maiden, and would explain her ‘bottom-heavy’ shape, long ‘neck’, and ‘star’ tattoo’s. The old, ‘star as radials’ or ‘star as concentric circles debate will no doubt rage for another six thousand years yet but may be of the same calibre as the now infamous ‘wave’ or ‘particle’ altercation. Certainly, squinting is apt to give radial lines of light whilst in relaxed meditation the light settles and expands in pools… The corresponding, now very faded ‘tatt’ on the stone leading out of the circle on the way to Deneb all but secures this particular hypothesis… And didn’t Mister Wayland Smith fly to these shores with a Swan Maiden, something like that, I believe? I never had the connection of Swans with death, although as children we did regard them as highly magical, which is not to say, otherworldly creatures… which also, perhaps, amounts to the same thing. Yes, it was a damn fool notion to set off across the stepping stones blindfold like that, but then doesn’t every adventure begin under just such an aegis. harvest being 2014 060 We don’t really know the way, or what’s going to happen, or indeed how we will respond to it all… The same weekend, if memory serves gifted us the Sleeping Giant. And just how important that concept has proved to be no-one could have guessed at the time. I suppose the test is, do these things endure, and acquire depth, or are they simply blown away in the wind like so much candy-floss… Ah, but aren’t these the fondest of fond memories? The hand that guides, it seems, is an ever present, and, it could easily be argued, is not at all unlike the hand that feeds… eh Anu… Down Boy!

Love Don x



Finding Don & Wen


Stuart France & Sue Vincent

Available via Amazon

and worldwide in paperback and for Kindle.

Two friends living hundreds of miles apart inadvertently begin to explore the magical and ancient landscape of Albion, delving into the symbolism hidden within mediaeval churches and piecing together the clues that appear to be left before them like a breadcrumb trail.

The correspondence within this book was written as their adventures began to unfold, recording and highlighting strange concepts and magical ideas.

Finding Don and Wen opens an inner door onto the workings of the journey of The Initiate, the first of nine books that tell the full story of what became a true quest, becoming a practical guide on how to listen to and interpret the voice of the living land and its history from a spiritual perspective.


Original front cover photograph by kind permission of our friend, Helen Glynn Jones,

author of The Ambeth Chronicles  at


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