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Fire and Ice…

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… Merlin’s bonds were loosed and he was told

that if he explained his laughter in the city streets

he would be free to return to the forests of Caledonia.


“The door-keeper was dressed poorly

and beseeched the passers-by for money to buy clothes,

yet buried under him was a pile of gold coins.”


“You must dig beneath the door-keeper to unearth a long lost treasure.”


“The youth buying patches for his worn out shoes made me laugh

because he was destined never to use them.”


“Even now that youth is drowned in the waves of the sea

and his body is floating lifeless towards the shore.”


King Rhydderch immediately sent his men to test these sayings…


The King’s Men returned after finding a dead body on a waste patch of sand

on the shore, along with a horde of hidden treasure

which they had dug up from the ground beneath the door-keeper.



The Keys to Heaven

Stuart France

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Psychologist, Maurice Nicoll studied under Fourth Way exponents G.I Gurdjieff and  P.D. Ouspensky, and presented his own philosophy in a series of works published during the Mid Twentieth Century.

In his seminal work, Living Time… he makes no bones about insisting that the psychological states and concepts that he is expounding, and their utilisation, are ancient and stretch back through Christianity, Judaism, the Greek Philosophers, and on into the mysterious climes of Pre-Dynastic Egypt…

In re-presenting these ideas as a series of poetic explorations, author and essayist, Stuart France uncovers a series of links with the Mediaeval Traditions of the Northmen and the Matter of Britain!

What is the original story of our week? How does the moon harrow hell? Prepare to be enthralled, entertained, educated, and enlightened, as new light is shed on the enigmatic figures of Wotan, Merlin, and King Arthur.

They do not write books like this anymore if indeed they ever did!