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Beyond the bounds: Symbiosis…


Different races of people are like different species,

that is, like any other animals.


If they willingly work together in harmony,

it is because they both get what they need from doing so.


The ‘builders’ got, amongst other things,

sidereal knowledge which they

needed to regulate their agrarian culture.


The ‘designers’ got a body of people

willing to expend vast amounts of time,

effort and energy to constuct monuments to their specific design.


Strictly speaking,

the monuments ‘belonged’ to both peoples…


That is, to all.


But the ‘designers’ lived by,

maintained, and operated them,

as well as officiating the communal events held there.


This sounds like pure service,

so why should they do this?


9 thoughts on “Beyond the bounds: Symbiosis…”

  1. Everyone grows and benefits from selfless service to others. And it helps to create a human chain of people who all benefit from being visible within the scope of the work that is accomplished with others.

    Something that has stuck in my mind for years is the story of a young woman who came to the U.S. via Mexico illegally, perhaps as a “mule” (for those of you who might not know the meaning of it, it is a person who works for drug dealers, generally carrying them in a cavity in their bodies. It is extremely dangerous work because one of the wrapped pieces that contain drugs such as cocaine can break in the body, causing a quick and terrible death. This young woman was pregnant and due to give birth. The baby was born with some severe issues, so was put into an incubator. The women wanted to breast-feed her infant, and so the hospital gave her a breast pump, and she took the bus home to go to a group home where she was staying. But she never made it home, and the main issue was that she was virtually invisible in society. This is what happens to people who are homeless, or trying to come into this country for whatever means, sometimes honorable, and sometimes as with this poor lady, questionable. It was not exactly a selfless service as she wanted her own child to have benefits that the child might never have otherwise had.

    There is something about invisible people in society that causes the worst of the worst in life for them. How can anyone be helped when no one sees the person as existing in society? So I think one of the things about being a member of a culture or race is that the people are recognized as part of the whole. Thank you kindly.

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