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G. Michael Vasey reviews “Finding Don and Wen”

Gary Vasey knows ‘Don’ and ‘Wen’ and their way of working in the landscape. His own new website, Earth Magic Brno has recently launched, and the book has pointed him in new directions…

I enjoyed this book a lot. The interactions have wit and humor (though I do sometimes feel a tad sorry for Anu who after all, only wants a ball thrown every now and then!) as well as wisdom and insights galore. When read in conjunction with The Initiate and other books of that series, I suspect much is added. The last few interactions put me on a new direction as well in my own research into Perun the thunder God of the Slavs… Very enjoyable. A lot of funny looks from fellow tram riders at my periodical giggle fits too – A pigeon told me to do it is such a classic Vincent line…


Finding Don & Wen

Stuart France & Sue Vincent

Available via Amazon

and worldwide in paperback and for Kindle.

Two friends living hundreds of miles apart inadvertently begin to explore the magical and ancient landscape of Albion, delving into the symbolism hidden within mediaeval churches and piecing together the clues that appear to be left before them like a breadcrumb trail.

The correspondence within this book was written as their adventures began to unfold, recording and highlighting strange concepts and magical ideas.

Finding Don and Wen opens an inner door onto the workings of the journey of The Initiate, the first of nine books that tell the full story of what became a true quest, becoming a practical guide on how to listen to and interpret the voice of the living land and its history from a spiritual perspective.


Original front cover photograph by kind permission of our friend, Helen Glynn Jones,

author of The Ambeth Chronicles  at

The second book in the series, Joining Don and Wen,

is also now available in paperback and for Kindle


8 thoughts on “G. Michael Vasey reviews “Finding Don and Wen””

  1. jump forward, the fields are concrete, telephony the communication method, devices control, along way from the rock in the field and meaning of same, missiles that can launch from one spot to another,5,000 miles away, deteriorating resources, and signs from above arriving at the same time, interesting times ahead, book sounds very timely given the circumstances many face, cheers

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