Folk Tale, mythology, symbolism

Keys to Heaven?


Are they trying to tell us something, these Skalds?

For one thing, Asgard’s wall never gets finished…


There is an old saying in Albion,

relating to the Key to a Door…


It involves a ‘Two’ and a ‘One’,

and to this day to be granted, ‘Keys to the City’

is still an honorific gift signifying ‘ultimate’ freedom,

or at least, the freedom to come and go as one pleases

in a place or public space, usually civic, where others cannot.


The idea here seems to be that the city

has more than one gateway.


 How many more?


Instead of a gateway the High One gets Sleipnir,

which we now know is the moon,

so that seems clear enough.


But how close is slipperiness to sleepiness?

Eight hours traditionally secures a good night’s rest.

Eight hours to sleep. Eight hours to work. Eight hours to play…


May we posit at least eight gates and keys?

We may, but then we stumbled across a snippet.

And if you have ever wondered why it is important to store old lore…


The snippet said, ‘Odin was the recipient of runes,

and these he engraved upon Sleipnir’s teeth!’


Well, well, well…