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Found Mounds: the Call of Albion…


‘…Maybe it is because it is our third visit or maybe it is because there are three of us, or maybe we had to work out the St Andrew thing before we were allowed to ascend, who knows?

Whatever the reasons, we re-convene on top of the man-made-conical-mound which hides behind the Church of St Nicholas, High Bradfield and Wen has an interesting take on proceedings.

“If St Andrew of Scotland is Andrew the Disciple of Christ then he may have come over here with Joseph of Arimathea.”

“And remember at that time there was no Scotland. Scotland was North Albion!”

“North Albion,” smiles Wen, “I like that.”

“Why did they come here?” says Ned.

“If we knew that…”

“If we knew that, then what?” says Wen.

“If we knew that for sure, we’d probably all be millionaires,” I say wistfully.

“Not necessarily,” says Ned, who may already be a millionaire for all I know. “After all this time, nobody is really all that interested.”

“That’s true enough.”

“It would still be nice to know though.”

“Why does anyone go anywhere? Why do people go to Glastonbury? Why do people come here now? They’re still doing it. Why?”

“They come because they’re called,” says Ned simply.

The Call of Albion

And then a still silence descends

Upon our three-fold gathering

And we look out to the far horizon

Each of us from a slightly different angle

To where the mists are gathering form

And preparing to roll in to greet us one and all…’

Extract from, ‘Doomsday: Dark Sage’



Doomsday book Two

Stuart France & Sue Vincent

The Dark Ages appear in the copybook pages of our historical records like an ink spot. An insidious black mark; a veritable blot on the landscape of time. There are some who claim they never actually existed and that the two hundred-odd years represented by their darkness are a fabrication designed to fit the grandiose plotting of an ego-driven king.

There are probably only two people mad enough to take such a notion seriously

“Is it another Don and Wen book?”

“It is!”

Across the Derbyshire landscape, scattered with sites of ancient sanctity and strange, otherworldly places, our two unlikely companions begin another chapter of their quest to understand the roots of human consciousness and the source of inner light that draws the eyes and heart towards to sun.

Available in paperback and for Kindle from Amazon UK, and worldwide

7 thoughts on “Found Mounds: the Call of Albion…”

  1. Glastonbury frequently features in this series of books, as the Silent Eye were engaged on a series of bi-monthly talks there, as for any of them being set there, well, not really, the books are ‘Esoteric Road Trips’ so we ‘dart’ about a bit… 😉

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