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Gary M Vasey’s review of Joining Don and Wen…

A wonderful review from Gary M Vasey…

“I love these books. I used to try to follow the interaction between Don and Wen on the blogs but work or some other distraction would make it difficult. These short notes filled with esoteric knowledge and a great deal of wit are easy to read but only in short bursts because there is much to contemplate with each reading. There are so many seed thoughts for further introspection dotted through these letters – for example – “We see things in our own way and, because that comes naturally to us, fail to notice that others cannot see as we do,” and “I think that goes back to the naming of things…. once voiced, something is born that cannot be called back and remains in the reality of this world,” and “Do we simply find the wonders we do because we intend to be open to them?” or “Jung’s take on it was that such arbitrary correspondences speak a greater reality the forms of which for the most part we can only grasp at like children trying to catch dreams…or butterflies.” That sums up the book really – two people having fun seeing in the landscape what others do not necessarily see and playing like children chasing esoteric butterflies…”


I had been living in the area for years. I was aware of the hillfort hidden in the woods, could have pointed out the chalk-carved figures, shown you where the burial mounds were and explained how the Ridgeway had traversed these hilltops for the past five thousand years. Even so, the land had never come to life for me.

I am a Yorkshire lass. The moors of home were alive and calling. I needed millstone grit and bracken, peat-gold streams and a sea of heather before the land would sing to my soul.

Until, that is, my friend came to visit.

It was a day of pure magic and the land, no matter where we found ourselves, would never again be silent. By simply paying attention, it was as if the earth was illuminating itself from within, whispering secrets it had been longing to share for millennia and laying before us so many layers of history, story and myth that we were as excited as children in a sweet shop.

That journey would become the basis for The Initiate and all the ‘Don and Wen’ books that followed…

Joining Don & Wen

Stuart France & Sue Vincent

Don and Wen, two friends living hundreds of miles apart embark, all unwittingly, upon a quest through the ancient and sacred landscape of Albion…

The two share a passion for these prehistoric sites, seeing that their potential has not been erased by time, making them as vital and relevant in today’s society as they always were.

Through Don and Wen’s correspondence, learn how to read the clues hiding within the landscape and in the symbols of faith left by our forefathers in the mediaeval churches, stone circles and ancient monuments.

This is the second book in the series, ‘Finding Don and Wen’, but can stand alone. The book may act as a guide to show the reader how to engage with the land in a meaningful way… and how that engagement opens you wide to life in all its glory.

Available for Kindle and in Paperback

via Amazon UK, and worldwide

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