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Done… well, almost…

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The first finished draft of Dark Sage, the second book in the Doomsday series, has been flying through the airwaves today between north and south. The next stage of editing commences and I will finally get to read the whole book through, cover to cover, for the first time. We have been editing as we go, chapter by chapter, so hopefully we will already have caught the worst of the glaring errors. This time I have deliberately refrained from devouring the whole thing until we are done and I am looking forward to settling down to read. It will be a journey in itself, going from ‘did we really write that?’ to ‘they’re definitely going to burn us at the stake!’ if the previous books are anything to go by.

Not that we indulge in anything smacking of heretical speculation, of course. And we definitely don’t challenge accepted history or question why some of the ruling bodies of our world might present as fact things that their own archives verify as fiction… Would we do such a thing? ‘Don’ and ‘Wen’ might, of course…We simply report on what our intrepid adventurers have been up to, and question exactly what they have done with Anu, Wen’s dog, who seems to be conspicuously absent from the proceedings… his place usurped by the white and woolly Fiona… I daren’t tell Ani…


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Between Green Men, stone circles and Norse gods Don seems to be joining the dots to reveal some rather unusual patterns while Wen is dreaming geometries of her own as the pair explore ancient sites from Derbyshire to Glastonbury.

With luck the book will be complete by the end of the month. Meanwhile, there is work to be done.


The Dark Ages appear in the copybook pages of our historical records like an ink spot. An insidious black mark; a veritable blot on the landscape of time. There are some who claim they never actually existed and that the two hundred odd years represented by their darkness are a fabrication designed to fit the grandiose plotting of an ego-driven king. There are probably only two people crazy enough to take such a notion seriously.

“Is it another Don and Wen book?”
“Is it ever!” …

Across the Derbyshire landscape, scattered with sites of ancient sanctity and strange, otherworldly places, our two unlikely companions begin another chapter of their quest to understand the roots of human consciousness and the source of inner light that draws the eyes and heart towards the sun.



Doomsday Book Two

Stuart France & Sue Vincent


Available in paperback and for Kindle from Amazon UK, and worldwide

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