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The Legend…


Deep in the heart of Derbyshire…




A single, eerie light shines out from Langsett Towers…



And something primal stirs.



As night descends, a flare flames…



And the forest echoes to the sound of drums in the dark.



The Hunters Moon…



Again brings forth…



That curious entity…



Known as, Mister Fox!



Read, The Legend, here…


7 thoughts on “The Legend…”

  1. Very cool story. I must find time to do my lessons and still have time to read on the side more. I have to take my books to the doctors’ offices to read while waiting for whatever, and so that is good and my special time with books.

    Speaking of that, I am thinking that the story of Lord of the Deep: The Quest for Immortality might be related at least distantly to the story of Abraham and Sarah, for they in a way had immortality in the tribes that their children and children’s children started, and the fact that they ultimately birthed Jesus, who formed an immortality like many of the really ancient writings that people have followed down thru the centuries. Perhaps this is something I had overlooked that I think might be related. Well, guess I will find out soon enough.

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