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Unknown Treasures…


We could, of course, just simply have a normal gazetteer,

Yet if you read the book you’ll know that all the clues are here.

 We thought we’d make it much more fun and lead you on a quest,

And let you search through every church for Buckinghamshire’s best.

Across a landscape lush and green our words will lead the way,

To churches nestled cheek by jowl, the journey of a day…


But first you have to solve the clues that lead you to their door…

We wish you luck adventuring where we have walked before.

Again begin beneath the porch, where all roads end and start

A threshold that invites you in, towards its sacred heart.

Will wonder hide within the walls? There’s just one way to learn…

Who knows what treasures lie in wait, or if the lock will turn?


Answers lie within the pages of The Initiate


5 thoughts on “Unknown Treasures…”

  1. I am definitely going to purchase the book when I have enough to do so, but I still think this beautiful poem says it best of all the way you lead us through such magical adventures that we might otherwise never get to experience. I personally thank you for my own joy of these adventures, all of you, from the very center of my soul.


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