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Field of Sheaves: Found!…


…But anyway, back to the wood-stone.

The authorities are agreed on its antiquity.

It is either Bronze age or Iron age if that can be termed an agreement which in ‘sense-speak’ translates as very old or really old, and, either way, stones crafted in these ages are not supposed to do or be what this stone is and does which, strange to say, makes me think that it is really very old indeed…



‘Where are you?’

‘Over here!’

‘Over where?’


‘Oh, wow!’

‘Nowhere near where it’s supposed to be, of course… So how did you find it?’

‘I went back to the track, the proper track, found the portal trees, passed through them, and it’s more or less in a straight line but at a slight angle down from there…’


For the record then, we think that the wood-stone is a landscape model showing a hill-fort and an adjoining ritual site.

There is a processional way around the outskirts which leads into the site and also a river or possibly two streams running through it and a burial ground bottom right as we look at it…

Yet, these people were not supposed to be working in Three-Dee. But that is what we think it is and if you think about it, I mean really think about it, they must have been working in this way to achieve the incredible feats of engineering that they did.

And there can be no doubt that these sites, all of them, without exception, are incredible feats of engineering…


‘Earth works for you when you let it.’

So where is the landscape which is so cunningly depicted in the stone?

That is what we do not yet know.

Wen thinks it is close to the stone, and relates to the wood before it actually was a wood.

I am not so sure.

Knowing the immense scale on which these people constructed their visions, it could even be Wincobank Hill, and that is where we are heading next…


Extract from, The Heart of Albion.


Heart of Albion – Stuart France & Sue Vincent

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