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Carrot and Coals: Fin Cop…


…On the screen of inner sight a single glowing point of light that seems farther than the farthest star, yet closer than the sun.

Between her and the light nothing but the streaks of passage… a stream of movement, as of a million suns caught racing comets in the blackness of space.

A wormhole…twin dragons… serpents aflame with brilliance… a tunnel through which she is rushing faster than the light itself, falling backwards, away from the light.

The unexpected sensation is sickening, stomach twisting.

Hands reach up from the earth, dragging, clawing… nightmares and hell… women, children… She refuses their hold and turns.

Flesh melts from her bones and she dissolves into earth…

She is only the wind…


…He moves.

She opens her eyes to a world wreathed in fog, ghostly shapes, amorphous and shifting…

It takes a moment before reality returns…

“Is there a Fin Cop?”


“Because if there is, that is where we need to go.”


3 thoughts on “Carrot and Coals: Fin Cop…”

  1. I have said it before and will say it once again. We are ALL sacred on this earth, even those who seem the most hateful and destructive. If we were not meant to be here, we would not be. Instead, we live side by side with all imaginable sorts of human beings, creatures, plants, and right down to the smallest grain of sand. All of this is critical for the world’s, and yes, the universe’s survival. Will we learn to cooperate to preserve and protect what has been gifted to us before it is too late as happened with Gilgamesh? Will we learn that we do not have to fight others for their beliefs; that there is room and it is meant for us all to have differing belief systems, different cultures, different races and colors of skin, different ways of life? Will we ever learn compassion?

    I am tired of seeing children killing children, parents killing their children, children telling other children to kill themselves or kill others? Will mankind ever learn that to try to dominate will not being peace ever and that if they try to dominate others, others will come again and again and again to dominate them? Can we learn from history? I am glad that I am here on this earth, but we must all change our thinking if we are to survive, and to see our children, and our children’s children survive. We all must change and we must do it before it is too late. Thank you so kindly, all of you.

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