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“You’re not a Bird, Anu, you’re a Dog! And it’s not a game, this birth and death business,  it’s serious stuff. Do you understand?”

Anu nods sagely, turns, trots off to the flower pot, selects a Ball of Power, returns and drops the Ball of Power at my feet.


Anu ignores my negativity and commences his millennia old adoration of the Ball of Power, crouching on his forelegs, still eyeing the Ball, as he shuffles backwards in primed and primal expectation of its wondrous flight.

“I’ve just worked out the game of ‘fetch’.”
“Oh, really?”
“Yes really, the Ball of Power is… Love. And no matter how hard you try to get rid of it. It just keeps coming back to you.”

The Ball of Power flies through the air. Quick as lightning Anu leaps skyward, catches it in his jaws, lands with a thud and proudly trots back to me to again lay it at my feet.

“You’re a clever Bird-Dog, Anu, aren’t you boy?”

Extract from Giants Dance, Stuart France and Sue Vincent

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