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Leaf and Flame – Fox fire

morgy a

It would be fair to say that, although the Lady of the Hunt may have tried to maintain dignity during the Fox Dance, it had gone up in flames with the very first flare and she was as excited as a cub. Her Lord was no better, and was bouncing beside her to the music and doubtless both were wearing huge grins beneath their red and white masks.

Dignity wasn’t the only thing to have gone up in flames either. The mysterious Charles James Fox is exceedingly hot on fire safety and every item his dancers use is carefully fire-proofed. Not so the Lord’s white fur cloak… the stray spark had been efficiently dealt with by Lord Fox but it added to the primal, feral feeling of the night.

We adore the Foxes… you may have noticed… and we wanted to share the experience of the Fire Dance with our Companions and those we love. Charles James Fox had gracefully consented to attend our gathering with a number of his Vermin. What we had not realised at the time was that it would be St George’s Day and in England that means a plethora of folk festivals and dances across the land… and almost all of the Foxes were dancing or playing elsewhere. Some, unmasked and in other garb, would be doing two shows already that day… and would be many miles away.

Even so, said CJF, they would be there… And so they were.

Click here to read the rest of the post and watch the video of Mister Fox at Leaf and Flame

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