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Notes from a small dog – Strange goings on…

dog 058

She’s up to Stuff again.

Don’t ask me what… but I can tell. This time, even a cat would be able to tell! She’s being really weird… weirder than her normal weird, and that’s saying something.

Normally, when I play with the cushions and stuff, she complains. Tells me I’m making a mess… when all I’m doing is making a den. Or a mountain, or something to play in… you know the kind of thing. Everybody does it. No?  Oh well… maybe they should…

Anyway, normally, she says it looks messy. But you should see what she’s been up to! Not just the odd cushion! No… the whole house!!!

dog 006

There’s stuff on the stairs, stuff in the hallway… she’s even pulling the furniture apart!

Now, okay… she gets these mad fits sometimes. Pulls stuff out to play with and all that. But usually, she puts it back. ‘Cleaning’, she calls it. This time, there’s barely anywhere left for me to sleep!

And every time I try an ‘vestigate, all she says is ‘no’. Says she can manage thank-you-very-much.

Personally, I think she’s lost the plot…

dog 023

My walks are all over the place… after midnight the other night before we went out! What about my beauty sleep, I ask you? Never mind hers… and she needs it more than most…

Anyway, it all started to get to me a bit. She wouldn’t even let me help… and I am an assistance dog after all!

Well, okay, not officially

I was s’posed to be though, properly educated and all that. But my boy left home, so I got to stay with her instead and be her assistance dog. Self taught.

dog 086

I’m really useful, you know. I keep her fit and make sure she’s waked regularly. I help keep her weight down by making sure she doesn’t eat too much all to herself. I keep her feet warm… and make sure no-one creeps up on the house. I help with the laundry too and fluff up all the bedcovers for her…unless she catches me…

dog 038

But no, she refused all my efforts to help…apart from flopping down every so often for a cuddle. She let me do that at least.

Thing is, she’s letting me do all sorts of stuff I’m not s’posed to… like watching the pigeons from her bedroom window… which sort of means sitting on her bed… which I’m sort of not allowed to do…

dog 017

All the book things have come out and been stuffed in boxes… lots of funny noises there as she made piles that didn’t go in the boxes…

All her cooking stuff…

Then she started dismantling my sofa!

dog 102

I barely even noticed when she stuffed all my food in my weekend bag… but I was glad to see my friend turn up to collect me! At least I could have a bit of peace and play with Gooch and co…

“See you soon. You’ll be home on Sunday, girlie.” I wasn’t taking much notice… I was too excited at seeing my friends.

Then she scritched my ears and said something really weird. “I hope you like cows… You won’t be seeing this place again… ”

dog 060

Well… I don’t think I’ve ever really met one personally but… hang on a minute! What was that last bit???

Before I knew it, I was in the car and being whisked away…

I knew she was up to something!

Still… she said I’d be home on Sunday… with her…

…and cows?dog 032

If she thinks I’m sharing my sofa with a cow, she has another think coming!

We’ll just have to wait and see…

Catch you later,

Much love,

Ani xxx

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