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How was the day made?…


The Daghda in this myth is

seemingly all powerful with

much less need for the subterfuge

which eventually outwitted the Fomorians.


Except, even here, he is compelled

to hold back time to get his own way!


Is this myth, then, earlier or later?


The tenor of the text would suggest later

but that is certainly no guarantee of anything.


If this were a creation myth

it would mean that the original inhabitants of Ireland

were descended from a cow,

which for a cattle-herding people would make perfect sense,

and is the sort of claim often made by such folk.


And yet the offspring of the union,

although undergoing the human gestation period,

before being born, is not to be conceived as human

but instead, as a personification of the day!


Before humans can live out their days

the day too has to be ‘born’.



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