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The Singularity of Days…


Everyone knows what a winter’s day

looks and feels like.


Even if they have never experienced one.


And not just any winter’s day either,

but the quintessential winter’s day!


The same probably holds true with quintessential days

for any of the other three seasons too,

even though they are so rare in this country.


Most days are, by comparison,

an unsatisfactory mix

of all the four seasons together.


So, how come we recognise them,

in their singularity,

and can relate to them so readily?


Seasonality is an unseen notion.


Whenever we colour our days in this way,

we utilise a painting box of the beyond.



The Keys to Heaven

Stuart France

Available via Amazon

Psychologist, Maurice Nicoll studied under Fourth Way exponents G.I Gurdjieff and  P.D. Ouspensky, and presented his own philosophy in a series of works published during the Mid Twentieth Century.

In his seminal work, Living Time… he makes no bones about insisting that the psychological states and concepts that he is expounding, and their utilisation, are ancient and stretch back through Christianity, Judaism, the Greek Philosophers, and on into the mysterious climes of Pre-Dynastic Egypt…

In re-presenting these ideas as a series of poetic explorations, author and essayist, Stuart France uncovers a series of links with the Mediaeval Traditions of the Northmen, and the Matter of Britain!

What is the original story of our week? How does the moon harrow hell? Prepare to be enthralled, entertained, educated, and enlightened, as new light is shed on the enigmatic figures of Wotan, Merlin, and King Arthur.

They do not write books like this anymore if indeed they ever did!





4 thoughts on “The Singularity of Days…”

  1. That is just beautiful! I REALLY LOVE IT!!! Yes, we do create our reality or unreality as it were, every moment of every day. Yesterday is gone and when tomorrow gets here it will be today. Let’s come to appreciate all of it and every moment we get to be enjoying the human experience. Perhaps we are the spirits as you all have noted, and getting to play at life and all that it entails. Perhaps none of it is good, bad or ugly. Perhaps it just is. I guess that must be why the Trilobites (oh yes, I have been thinking about them a lot again) were so successful in their evolution despite everything outside them for such a very long time. They evolved, and we are constantly evolving too. A day in any season is just what we determine to make of it, and what we put our attention on. We can pass a whole day or even a season without even remembering any of it, or we can meditate every day on what the world has given us to make something of. Think of whatever you think is important, but think about what is really important. Is it truly important to remember things people did to us that hurt us? Do you know that these things likely made you the strong person you are today. Peace and many blessings, and be sure to enjoy the moment, for it is all a ,moment in the overall scheme of things. Thank you good folks at The Silent Eye for the great writing you give us to help us to remember what is important in life.,

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