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The Shreiking Womb: Binding…


…Deirdru didn’t pine long for soon after that

Neesh was out alone on the ramparts of Emain.


 Deirdru slipped outside and passed him by.

 “Why, that’s a fine heifer going past,” said Neesh.


 “The heifers grow well where there are no

 bulls,” shot back Deirdru, quick as you please.


“And you with proud Ulster’s Bull all to yourself,” said Neesh,

 gulping down her good looks, already astounded by her beauty.


 “I’d sooner a game young bull like you,” said Deirdru.


“But what of Carva’s prophecy?” Stammered Neesh.


 “Is that a rejection?” Said Deirdru.


 “And it is too,” said Neesh.


  “Then it’ll be shame and mockery on you,” cried Deirdru

 grabbing hold of his two ears, “if you refuse to take me.”


 “Woman, leave off,” cried Neesh, laughing.

 “So you will take me,” said Deirdru binding him…



Songs of the Stone


“To regain the Ulster Spoil,

Seek out the Nine Chief Culdees of Erin…

Then journey with them to the Ogham Stone of Fergus Mac Roy,

And there fast for three nights and three days.


If the question, given to each Culdee in turn,

during their fast, be spoken to the Stone of Fergus

as if to that mighty man himself…


Then, ‘The Spoil’, will be again revealed

in plain and perfect form

for the instruction of the ages.” 

– A Hag Load of Lard


Cover artwork – Sue Vincent

Available now in paperback from Amazon



9 thoughts on “The Shreiking Womb: Binding…”

  1. Wow, this stone is full of images and I am sure stories too. on the very far left, there is a fish, a flat, round fish, and then the biggest part of it is an old man with a very large mouth, who is holding in his right hand a small being with big round eyes. My goodness, I almost missed the reading for starting at this incredible stone. The stones in the U.K. seem to hold so many fine stories and mysteries. So glad I had a chance to share it. Thank you one and all very much.

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