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Dear Wen: ‘Dead Enkidu?’…

Dear Wen,

… I expect that is what is so endearing about Thomas ‘the Covenanter’ although his leprosy does become a metaphor for our culture and its ‘outcasting’ of the land. A ludicrous idea if ever there was one, I should have thought, with consequences which are far from fun for anyone, as ‘we’ are beginning to realise to ‘our’ cost… Paradise Lost… The Fall… Call it what you will… Rowan and ritual surprises me, not one jot.  I am always up for a little berry harvesting, especially if it  promises to open the gates of vision. No, it is definitely the Stones. I was sort of hoping you would dig out the Statues-at-the-Stones picture. Strangely, I am still somewhat enamoured of Statuary, primarily for its photographic possibilities… Stratford, and Coventry, and Oxford, and London all seem to be calling. The Lordly ‘Em’ as ‘grisly protuberance’ certainly works for me, Sire of the Great Roger, eh? Possibly best not to go down that particular route. If we are talking Shrewsbury, here, I cannot help but be reminded of our Swimming Shrew who could definitely be described as a neural impulse and one expressly sent from the collective mind of the Gods… Invisible cats and silently falling trees in this context are roughly equivalent.File:Cretan-labyrinth-round.svg - Wikimedia Commons I have always thought that the maze should go in the Belly of the Goddess, which is pretty much the labyrinth scene from Lord of the Deep… ‘Dead Enkidu, back again!’ It takes adroitness to safely, and productively, tread the streets of Troy Town… The Skipton plaque is in on the tower, the dreams of Jaw-Dark have been liberally sprayed about the place, Prufrock’s calling card is in, Earl Grey, Charles James, and Count Dashwood have been cunningly integrated… not much more to do, really… Lowe is about to set off in search of Meadbarrow’s end… ‘Go to gaol, go directly to gaol…’ Tricksterish sounds like liquorice, that’s ‘Spanish’ to you, the sort that’s easy to chew. Damn Dog always manages to look ravenous, especially when we are sitting down to eat! Love, Don x


Finding Don & Wen


Stuart France & Sue Vincent

Available via Amazon

and worldwide in paperback and for Kindle.

Two friends living hundreds of miles apart inadvertently begin to explore the magical and ancient landscape of Albion, delving into the symbolism hidden within mediaeval churches and piecing together the clues that appear to be left before them like a breadcrumb trail.

The correspondence within this book was written as their adventures began to unfold, recording and highlighting strange concepts and magical ideas.

Finding Don and Wen opens an inner door onto the workings of the journey of The Initiate, the first of nine books that tell the full story of what became a true quest, becoming a practical guide on how to listen to and interpret the voice of the living land and its history from a spiritual perspective.


Original front cover photograph by kind permission of our friend, Helen Glynn Jones,

author of The Ambeth Chronicles  at



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