Albion, Art, Folk Tale

Two Sticks…

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… Once more constrained by the bonds of capture,

Merlin became morose.


He went on hunger strike.


King Rhydderch ordered him to be led through

the city streets in an attempt to lift his spirits.


On his way from the palace Merlin saw a poor

door-keeper begging for alms with trembling lips.


The Prophet stood stock still and laughed aloud!


Being again led on, Merlin then came upon a young

man engaged in buying patches for his shoes.

Again, he laughed aloud at the seemingly innocuous transaction

being played out before him but then refused to be led any further

and instead expressed his deep longing for the woods.


Merlin was returned to the palace and king Rhydderch was

told of all that had transpired in the city streets…