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Hawk at Dawn…


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The clock is ticking, time inexorably moves us closer to the launch event of the Silent Eye… in a little less than three weeks… We are flat out getting everything ready… and of course, this is precisely when I am taken inconveniently, ingloriously and un-glamorously ill, dangling out of my car in a layby, writhing in pain and losing my marbles.

Even so, laid in the ambulance, when they asked me to rate the pain after the second dose of morphine, on a scale of one to ten, “with ten being labour pain”, I had to chuckle… inwardly at least. Because that is precisely what it feels like.

Call me odd, but as the mother of the School about to be born, the past nine months, Oh yes, I had noticed that coincidence… have been very much like a pregnancy to me. From the first fluttering of possibility, barely felt, to the growth of something that fills my life, taking on depth and character, growing into itself. Very much like a pregnancy.

As to me, well I am a little slower for a few days, perhaps, a little more careful as to how I move, in spite of regular painkillers and I have an eye to how low the blood pressure drops. I am tiring easily, and resting more, like it or not. Meantime, I have had to move with all the grace of a beached whale twice before. And it was worth it then too.

Through it all there has been this sense of expectancy, the birth date marked on the calendar while all is prepared to receive this child of heart, mind and soul into the world, knowing it will fill the remainder of our lives with its needs, joys, tears and triumphs. It will be hard work. It will be loved. We, like any parents, will have to learn as we go. Neither new Schools nor children come with instruction manuals and all we can do is give it our love and attention, nurture and care… and follow the inner voice of heart and intuition…

Labour Pains – March 30th 2013



Hawk at Dawn

Selected SE Writings 2012 – 2015

Sue Vincent


Sue Vincent was a Director of the Silent Eye School of Consciousness, from its inception in 2012 until her untimely death in 2021.

This book is a collection of her writings during her first three years in that role.

In these monographs, originally published as blog-posts, her unique and unmistakable voice relates the trials, tribulations, challenges and joys attendant upon the setting up and successful stewardship of a Modern Mystery school – it’s birth on the inner planes, and its pioneering work which ultimately led it from the safety of the traditional indoor temple and out into the wild and rugged landscapes of the Blessed Isles of Albion.

Amusing, inspiring, and enlightening, in turns, these stories relate above all else what it is to be truly human in an increasingly dystopian technocratic age.

Available as an Amazon Paperback