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A Thousand Miles of History: Back to the Future…

We went back once more to where it all began. Paying our respects to Dragon Hill, the ancient White Horse and the hillfort known as Uffington Castle, we left the car and the world behind and walked to Wayland’s Smithy.

I have written so often of this place, we had been here just a couple of weeks earlier with our friend, Gary Vasey, but it is a place of which I could never tire. Not only for the wonderful long barrow and its standing stones, or the beautiful glade and peaceful setting, but for the affirmation that we did indeed find a path on our very first visit together, and have stayed on it ever since, even though it took us a while to realise what was happening.

For that I am grateful. We have had the most wonderful adventures over the past five years, both within the work of the Silent Eye and through our own exploration of the ancient and sacred landscape of these isles. It is a path I hope to follow until my feet will carry me no further; a path that has brought me nothing but joy.

After a week in the land, our eyes, and perhaps more than that, were attuned to the stones. They were alive in some indefinable way and the faces and figures within them danced for us… or with us. At one with their beauty and with the inner life of the land, we saw the entrance to the inner chamber lit golden by the sun, a fleeting reminder of the magical lightshow we had witnessed at Bryn Celli Ddu.

We had nothing to do, no purpose except love, no need except presence, touched by the benediction of the spirit of the place. Although we were reluctant for the journey to end, it was the perfect way for this chapter to close, knowing that a new one would begin. As we left, even the stones were smiling…