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Flux Tree…


Long ago Coyote was walking his way.

He came to a hill on which he saw a man cast his eyes out of his head into a Flux Tree.

They hung in the branches of the tree until the man cried out, ‘Eyes come back to me’ which they did, flying back into his eye sockets with a reassuring Throp!

Coyote desperately wanted to learn the trick so he begged the man to teach him it until the man agreed.

‘Be careful, Coyote’ said the man, ‘never perform this trick more than four times in any one day.’

No sooner had the man gone than Coyote’s eyes were out of his head and up in the Flux Tree.

He could see over low hills.

He could see where the stream that disappeared in the valley went and he could also see the shape of things for miles.

He performed the trick four times in quick succession to make sure he had it right and then thought.

‘What’s good for him may not be so good for me.’

So he cast his eyes into the Flux Tree a fifth time but when he called them back they stayed there.

Poor Coyote stumbled about the Flux Tree grove bumping into things and crying.

Exhausted he lay down to sleep.

Before long some mice came by and thinking Coyote dead they started to nibble his hair in order to make a nest.

Coyote let his mouth hang open and caught one by the tail.

‘Little mouse’ said Coyote, ‘Do you see my eyes up in that Flux Tree?’

‘I do’ said the mouse, ‘they have swollen in the sun and now there are flies swarming all over them.’

‘You’d better give me one of yours then, before I eat you,’ said Coyote.

He put the little mouse eye into his right eye socket and left the Flux Tree Grove.

He had to walk at a funny angle to keep the eye from slipping out.

Buffalo Bull saw him going by. “What’s up with you Coyote?’

Coyote explained and Buffalo Bull gave him one of his own eyes but that was little better, being too big for the left eye socket it hung over the lip and he had to tip his head back to keep it in place…

Thus he went his way…


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