Albion, ancient sites, Archaeology, Don and Wen, Stuart France



Given that we had never really expected to get there,

once on the Isle of Lewis,

we became quite blase about our arrival,

and stopped for a kip and a snack,

in a passing point, on the way into Calanais.


Normally, we would have headed

break-neck for the site.


Everything about this trip has been,

and continues to be, unusual…


The monument is named for the area,

Calanais, and the area is named in Scots Gaelic,

which to my mind, at least, sounds and looks very similar to Old Irish.


Also, given that we never really expected to get here,

Wen has done some research,

And there are now eighteen known sites of archaeological

interest at Calanais, at least four of which are stone circles.


Four stone circles!


That is not a bad return when only expecting one…