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Dear Don: Cheesehound…

X ilkley weekend 150Dear Don,

I have to point out that the precise origin of ‘your ‘slug trails are probably more unmentionable than the ones I am currently dealing with… No suit should be subjected to such gelatinous treatment and I have the unshakeable mental image of a small boy sans handkerchiefs stuck in my mind…

As to the habits of your average slug, having had occasion, for some unknown reason, to research them, I can only say that I am amazed at some of their natural talents… while others are really not for the squeamish.

I think we would have to agree both with Jung and magical possibilities inherent in some of the older paths. I do not think it is coincidence that names true magic an esoteric science. Our own studies have shown the malleability of perceived reality. And the ability to alter that perception… and perhaps that is the core of the teaching after all. Does it really matter if ‘concrete’ reality changes if our perception of it shifts sufficiently? It is the effect of change that matters, not the change itself.

X ilkley weekend 088

I am thinking of Aaron’s rod… did it become a serpent, or was it ‘merely’ perceived as such? To any with a similar power to sway perception, it would appear mere charlatanry, transparent in the light of their own gifts. To others, untrained in seeing beyond the visual impression, it might appear otherwise and a manifestation of the divine.

Interesting too, don’t you think, that while we speak of ‘the’ divine, we forget that it is also a verb and in that sense means to perceive intuitively… or that ‘a’ divine is a priest.

I was wondering about the tripp south on our quest to find the staff of Merlin at his burial place? Do you know, I keep getting a half-heard whisper to look at the correlation between the staff and the stones… I can see the obvious ones, but I have a feeling there is something more there… but I have no conscious idea what that might be.

dogs 001

The Beast has just about finished the brie and appears to have designs on the cheddar, so I may have to have words… there are limits, after all, to the depredations I can permit…


Wen and the Cheesehound x

9 thoughts on “Dear Don: Cheesehound…”

  1. I just wrote a long and meaningful post about change and transformation and divination, and I got a message that it could not be posted. Then it disappeared. How sad. I had a lot to say about it, and now it is lost. I did a lot of thinking about it too before I wrote it. Oh, this grows wearisome. I think I will transform into a slug . . .


      1. I thought about that, but unless I at least save it at some point even when unfinished, there are no drafts in my system. But it is ok. I recaptured at least a part of it. I was rather pleased with the way it was reading. I think the issue dealt with transitions or transformations, and how though sometimes it seems like one step and then the transition or transformation happens, in reality it involves multiple steps I believe. It would be nice if something happened and walla – transformation or transition occurred. Oh well, I have it in my mind, so at a point when I think on it again, we will see what comes forth.

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